Rita Fürstenau | Rotopol 10 Years Exhibition Design
Portfolio von Rita Fürstenau, Illustration und Zeichnung.
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Rotopol 10 Years Exhibition Design

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Exhibition and poster design for the 10th anniversary exhibition of Rotopol at the Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin in April 2018. On the occasion of our anniversary, we presented our publishing program, our work and the Rotopol drawers in two exhibitions and several events.


In the ROTOPOL PUBLISHING EXHIBITION, we showed how the idea of ​​a platform for graphic storytelling became an independent publishing house and gave an insight into our publishing program and our everyday working life between studio, publishing office, connected store gallery and screen printing studio. In addition, we introduced all Rotopol illustrators and presented each with some recent work and their book publications.

Participating artists: Max Baitinger, Paula Bulling, Markus Färber, Rita Fürstenau, Anna Haifisch, Lea Heinrich, Jesse Jacobs, Carmen José, Nina Kaun, KIIN, Julia Kluge, Nadine Redlich, René Rogge, Isabel Seliger, Anne Simon, Alice Socal, Sebastian Stamm, Thomas Wellmann, Bruno Winter


The ROTOPOL MYSTERY SHOW is an exhibition series that includes three group exhibitions. For each exhibition, we sent small cardboard boxes to illustrators from all over the world. Each box contained a collection of objects as a source of inspiration. In an imaginary and associative working process, the objects were taken up by the artists and connected in an illustration. The exhibition presents the resulting illustrations along with photos of the respective boxes and allows the visitors to take a look at the creative processes behind the works.

Participating artists: Karo Achilles, Max Baitinger, Tali Bayer, Florian Biermeier, Esther Brechlin, Paula Bulling, Paul Butterer, Melanie Climent, Max Fiedler, Matt Forsythe, Rita Fürstenau, Ines Christine Geißer, Kirsten Carina Geißer, Claus Daniel Hermann, Anna Haifisch, Lea Heinrich, Icinori, Hellen Jo, Carmen José, Udo Jung, Nina Kaun, Manuel Kilger, Julia Kluge, Markus Köninger, Valentin Krayl, Stefhany Y. Lozano, Michael Meier, Maike Plenzke, Jim Pluck, Nadine Redlich, Bene Rohlmann, René Rogge, Tim Romanowsky, Lisa Röper, Marie-Luce Schaller, Isabel Seliger, Elena Seubert, Alice Socal, Mikkel Sommer, Sebastian Stamm, James Turek, Marco Wagner, Thomas Wellmann

trennlinie_portfolio oben


Client: Rotopol, Neurotitan


trennlinie_portfolio oben