Rita Fürstenau | Illustration und Zeichnung
Portfolio von Rita Fürstenau, Illustration und Zeichnung.
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  • In Winter

    In Winter

    It is winter and in a nameless forest in the north, the paths of a cat and a hawk cross. This brief encounter will be fateful for both, as death, who roams silently through the cold night, joins them...

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  • Erlkönig Wall Illustration

    Erlkönig Wall Illustration

    For the exhibition “Hörensagen” at the Grimmwelt Museum in Kassel I had the pleasure to design a wall illustration for two peoms about the Erlkönig myth.

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  • Google Doodle Design

    Google Doodle Design

    On the 5th of March 2018 Google celebrated the edelweiss flower with a Google Doodle in Germany, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece.

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