Rita Fürstenau | Work
Portfolio von Rita Fürstenau, Illustration und Zeichnung.
Rita Fürstenau, Fuerstenau, Fürstenau, rotopol, rotopolpress, Verlag, Illustration, Kassel, Kunst
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Goldkinder Magazine

Grimmwelt Programme

Moth Calender

In Winter

L’Étiquette Magazine Illustration

Google Doodle Celebrating the Edelweiss Flower

Wall Illustration

Book Cover Design

Rotopol 10 Years Exhibition Design

Fairy Tale Coloring Book

Mushroom Calender

Christmas Cookie Tin Design

NYX Magazine Illustration

Mellom Collection No. 2
Mini Leporello

Alma’s Garden
Stationary Set

Paper Bag Design

Garden Visitors
Temporary Tattoos

Mellom Collection No. 1
Mini Leporello

Bird Calender

The Islands of Expectation

Old Songs – New Songs
Leporello Book

Night Dancers

Mailing Sticker

Expedition No 2:
The North

Lody Marczak

Tilli Sketchbooklets

Tilli Sketchbooklets

Cactus Friends
Business Cards

The Conqueror’s Mistake

Birch Sketchbooklets

Columbine Sketchbooklets

Expedition No 1:
The Eastern Forests